Monday, August 29, 2005

OMG, I'm a blogger!

Dear friends (and family... hey, are you supposed to be reading this?),

First of all I didn't expect to start a blog myself. I enjoy reading everyone else's, especially some really funny or touching ones I've come across. And being the lazygirl I am, I'd probably not be consistent in updating this on a regular basis.

But... having said all that... I thought this would be a better way to let you know what's going on and make my well-wishes to whomever in what I hope to be a more efficient (and perhaps effective) manner. I don't have a theme for this blog, who needs one anyway, right?

So let's get to it!

May Yee & Melinda - happy birthday! When are we meeting up?

Carrie - hope you & baby are doing well. My love and kisses to Lauren.

Pris - how's the new job?

Cheryl - hey woman! Remember to help me plan my trip, yea?

And to everyone else... thanks for visiting, do come back for more.