Tuesday, August 30, 2005

remember me?

The Internet is a wonderful thing.  And no, I’m not saying it because I work in this industry.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s turning if-you-know-then-good-if-not-then-don’t-ask years of age that my past decided to catch up with me.  Old chums from long ago found me in the online world.  Just a few weeks ago a friend from my primary school hailed me on Friendster (after more than 16 years of absence!), and through that same site I caught up with many familiar faces of whom I never thought I’d bump into again… a secondary schoolmate, a classmate from university, some old pals I used to hang out with in college days.  If Friendster were still up 10-15 years from now, I’d be a semi-middle-aged woman amongst young teenagers, with a list of buddies of my own… imagine that!

This gets me thinking as to how important our social network is.  People could hardly live without support from their family and (sometimes even more importantly) their friends – friends who are non-judgmental, not afraid to give you a good smack in the face (figuratively speaking) for being an idiot, encourage you when you needed that one last boost, laughed at your silliness, to share with.  So many things, yet words can hardly completely describe them.  They’re certainly an extension of our lives which we can’t do without.

For my friends, now and then… For those who found me, and for some reason I found you, thank you for the re-appearance.  Now that we’re in contact, don’t be a stranger now, hear?