Friday, September 02, 2005

desserts spelt backwards


I think today I’ve hit a pretty high stress level which I’ve not had for a long time now. Let’s see…

Work stress –
I just got news that we start a new project next week for a new client. The resources are overworked and stretched thin, my current project’s dragging its feet and still having teething problems after 3 months (even for launch), and I just started a new one last week. And tomorrow we have a presentation scheduled… on a Saturday, shites!

Financial stress –
My (ex)tenant just moved out of my apartment a couple of days ago. Refund of his initial deposit is in order, which sets me back financially for the month, and aiyo… looks like I might have to reconsider my trip to Sabah… shall I cancel and re-channel my funds, or really dig a hole in my pocket for a quick, much needed getaway? And… I have to fix the apartment’s bathrooms, they’re in a shocking state of shabbiness. And I have to pay my bills. Robert Kiyosaki’s right – having no money is the root of evil (and stress).

Physical stress –
I don’t know why, but I always feel like my spine is out of place somewhere. It doesn’t hurt, but it feels… weird lah. Maybe it’s all the climbing, biking, hiking I’ve been doing, and sleeping the wrong way around… Why am I waking up feeling more tired and disjointed?

Emotional stress –
Let’s not even go there.

I need comic relief.

Better yet…

I need a clone.

Pass on the stress.

Wouldn’t that be great?