Thursday, September 29, 2005

fate or coincidence?

I’ve always been curious about astrology, horoscopes, fortune telling, feng shui, anything that’s classified as “new age” in bookstores.  I can’t say I believe in these things, neither can I say I don’t because sometimes things happen that when you read back on so-called predictions that have already passed… there they are.  Fate, or coincidence?

I suppose they predict it generically enough to encompass a very wide area in various aspects of a person’s life.  Yet how come some things are mentioned in your horoscope and not in the others, and it touches the truth somewhere?  Reading the other horoscopes, they don’t relate anywhere close to what was written in mine.  I make reference to the Chinese horoscopes, they seem to be the most accurate compared to other “predictions” I’ve come across.

The past 9 months have been a bit of a roller-coaster ride for me and I had wondered if anything could shed light on it.  My curiosity got the better of me so surfed the Internet for some “answers”.  Found this one from Shelly Wu’s website (excerpted):

The Detached Rabbit - The “Artful Dodger"
(Even the title describes me pretty well)

During 2005 Rabbits are compelled to re-establish contact with old friends.  (Old friends found me, and vice versa)

Aloof singles are overcome by sentimentality and powerfully drawn to past romantic interests.  (Errr… you don’t say…)

Financial improvement is a great help to love.  (Now, this didn’t happen… or did it?)

Those who utilize imagination and creativity whether it be in business or in pleasure, will enjoy success and popularity.  (Hmm, I seem to be doing well in my current job in an interactive agency.)

Don't neglect regular exercise, be vigilant about your health, and be cautious of your weight which will fluctuate this year.  (This one’s true.  Or maybe it was just time to lose some weight…)

Your judgment in financial matters is clouded in 2005, so hold off on any investments for the time being.  (Does going away on a rather big-budget holiday count?)

And then some other website:

Love luck will be good this year. Singles will meet with their dream dates and relationships can be started from there. Wedding bells can also be heard this year.  (Ok, this one’s a far miss.  I hardly hear anything!!!)

This one by Raymond Lo:

The animal sign which is not so favourable is the Rabbit, which is into a year of clash against the Rooster. Such clash usually brings about movements. So people born in the year of the Rabbit will anticipate more changes and moves this year, such as travelling, moving house, changing job... etc.  (This one’s quite on the spot – I’ve changed my job, have travelled a bit and will be travelling again.)

Which is similar to the prediction by Joey Yap:

This year will likely see you moving houses, changing jobs or even changing your work place. Somehow the year seems restless and you are always on the move.  (Yea.)

So… think these horoscopes and fortune-tales really do hold some truth?  I think… I’ll just let my life take its course, and if I read back on those predictions and they happen to ring true… well then, woo-hoo.  If not… just too bad, huh.