Monday, September 12, 2005

online conversations

Two different conversations with two different people. Same problem… Well, almost.

Conversation 1:

“Hey! How’re things?”

“Hello hello… not too bad, went away for the weekend. You-leh?”

“Had a dinner to go to. Pretty late night, fun-lah.”

“Nice. And… how’s miss…? Don’t talk to her these days?”

“Dunno. She seems to have disappeared.”

“Eh? Whaddya mean? I thought things were getting along ok.”

“It was-lah, when it started off. Now I dunno what’s up with her. Merajuk or something.”

“Eh, why-lah merajuk? What did you do?”

“I dunno-lah, one night was chatting to her on IM, then suddenly she just kicked up a fuss. She sounded angry with me for gawd knows what. Now don’t see her online anymore. Amazing how a chat can flip 180°…”

“Aiyo. So how now? You didn’t SMS her?”

“Got, but no reply. It’s been a few days already.”

“Hmmm… Give it a rest maybe. She might come around.”

“Ahhhh… whatever. I’m moving on. I’m getting tired of playing games.”

“Ok buddy… Hope it works out either way…”

Conversation 2:

“Hello… you working-ah?”

“Yea, still at work. Hang around for just a bit more. Whassup?”

“Err… Just got turned down-lah.”

“Oooh… What happened?”

“She said she wasn’t ready for a relationship yet… ended sometime last year I think. Pretty serious. Now I guess… not quite there-kwa.”

“That’s too bad… I thought things were on the upside…”

“Don’t really know how to tread right now so I guess will chill a bit-lah.”

“Yea… that’s good. Well, don’t stress about it, maybe it’ll work out later in time. Can’t rush these things… depends on the situation-lah.”

“See-lah how.”

“… Hey, sorry but I gotta run. Catcha later if you’re online, ok?”

“Ok! See ya!”


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