Friday, September 16, 2005

the darkest hour

The past few days I had loss of sleep, weight, mood. I felt lost and anxious most of the time, waiting.

Now the wait’s finally over.

The darkest hour had come.

Early this morning I received the bad news I’d been expecting, anticipating. Yet with all those days of preparation it still had hit me quite hard.

Immediately I text my close friend, Cheryl who’s working in London, but currently in Greece on an assignment. I had planned to visit her later this year in November but due to the news I couldn’t bring myself to do it just yet. I apologised for my soon-to-be non-appearance.

Being the best girlfriend she is, she immediately text back – she had just arrived in London back from her Greece assignment. Sending words of encouragement, she had given me a bit of solace saying that she’ll be home in a few minutes and will get in touch.

True to her word, she called to console me, allowed me to laugh at and berate myself, and bitch about things. With that one phone call she had managed to lift my spirits up a little and say “everything’s going to be ok.” My morning began to look a little less dreary, a little less hopeless, a little less depressing. I’m not sure what will ensue in the next few days, but at least… I can get through it at this moment.

Thanks, Cheryl dear. Couldn’t have done it without you.