Sunday, September 04, 2005

handbags and gladrags

My friends had gone for the usual Sunday bike trip, but I decided to pass today. First, the destination was Batu Dam, and judging from the number of scratches and dents I had from a previous trip to the same place, I thought I’d give my limbs and skin a rest from any more abuse. Could still see the scars from 3 weekends ago, and my no-skirt interval’s extended to yet another week.

And second… it was spring-cleaning time… to an extent.

I had this urge to clear out as many bags as I could from my large wooden chest – slings, totes, clutch, backpacks, travelling bags, anything I could bring myself to part with. Over the years I’ve “collected” various kinds, whether self-bought, a freebie or given to me. Something about women and their bags… the right size, shape, colour and style makes all the difference to complete a girl’s outfit. It’s that chic look you get having a small, cute bag under your arm, or the functional yet stylish shopping carrier that miraculously holds many (small) purchases in.


Time to pack and give away some of them.

After sorting out what I wanted and what I didn’t want could part with, I still had… too many bags! 21 bags identified for a big giveaway, and I still had a whole chest full of it. Oh dear. I didn’t even want to count how many I have left, I’d go in a state of shock.

What’s worse, mum decided to take a peek at what bags I was going to give away, and she just had to say, “Eh, this one I can use la… That one don’t throw, I give my friends’ children…” and on and on. In the end she took 6 bags out of the pile for use or giveaway. Aiyo. Ok la, better than taking all of it back for keeps. I guess that’s where I got my hoarding habit from.

And my dears, if you’re thinking of giving me another bag for Christmas or birthday or any other occasion… errr… don’t mean to be rude, but could I request for something else?

Next stop… laundry and car wash…