Tuesday, April 25, 2006

gadget woes

PDA Woes
It's been ages since I last backed up the data on my Palm Tungsten T5. Granted that I almost never look at or use it, I still had a lot of contact numbers and files transferred over from my previous PDA which I don't have anywhere else. Ok, so maybe I should do that overdue backup, yes?

I finally installed the Palm Desktop onto this new baby Dell; now that I had a faster machine, it shouldn't be a problem having all these applications running simultaneously. Click here, install there... But wait, what's this? When I tried to sync my data using the USB cable, it failed!! I tried numerous times to get a connection, changing different USB ports as I went along. Oh, bugger. No such luck. My cable connector points must have konked out with my carelessness in storing them (I just left them in this little bin along with my phone's quick charger). I had to pop by 1 Utama's IT Planet to get a new cable, which wasn't the original Palm accessory. Too costly to bring them in and stock up, apparently. Oh well, worked just as good. I have my stuff sync-ed up and stored now.

Camera Woes
I dropped my camera a couple of weeks ago, and there went the flap for the battery compartment. It didn't break off, but it chipped at the most inconvenient corners - the bits that held the flap to the hooks of the main camera body. I had a rubberband around the camera since then to keep the flap closed. Finally dropped it off at the camera shop last night for repairs.

At first the store assistant almost freaked me out by saying that it would take a couple of weeks to get it fixed. What?? No camera for 2 weeks? That's like saying "don't wear your glasses for 2 weeks". Ok, so maybe that's exaggerating it a bit. You know what I mean. Then he had a look at the damage, and said it'll only take a few days, since it's nothing to do with mechanical failure. *PHEW*! What a sigh of relief. I hope I'll get back my "eyes" before the weekend comes along, otherwise no photos of yum-yum food for you to feast your eyes on.

Phone Woes
I like my Nokia 6230i. Except these days, it seems to hang on me. The screen would go fuzzy, and when I press any key, it'll go even fuzzier. Hmmm, what's wrong with it? Sometimes it would just turn off, too. I don't mind having to restart it, but it shouldn't have such problems since it's only a year old. I wanted to get it serviced at the Nokia shop in 1 Utama, but their service centre was closed for the night. 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., said the sales assistant. Alright... I guess I'd have to take this baby to the doctor another time.

Notebook Woes
Actually, this isn't a woe; I just forgot to bring my battery pack home last night in my haste to get the sync cable for my PDA. I didn't get to blog-surf nor chat online for long. Aaarrghhh! It's like scratching my nails down a blackboard when there was only 50 minutes left on the battery. I needed to save some juice for a morning call as well, so after 2.5 hours trying to do as much as I could online, I had to put Dellie to sleep. Not literally. Just hibernate for the next 6 hours till I could get some juice back into her again. She's drinking greedily right now, almost 100% charged. Yay!

Moral of the story is...

Don't be too reliant on your gadgets like me. It'll just drive you crazy.

And have a spare power cable at home for your notebook, just in case.