Thursday, April 20, 2006

short takes 20.04.06

This week's been a mixture of emotions and happenings. It felt kind of disconnected at first, but as the days went by, things are starting to fall into place again.

Work has been keeping me busy this week, which is partly why I've not blog-hopped nor posted much this week except for news on SCB. I think my brain is running dry of topics. Bummer. Is there a remedy for this?

Speaking of SCB, her condition as of today has improved immensely. JoMel had visited her again earlier this afternoon, and it seems that she's able to respond better. Do read her update here.

Met up with Fantasyflier on Monday night, just before he caught the train back to Singapore. Quite a charmer, he is! Too bad we didn't divulge in some delicious local food due to time constraints. Doesn't matter, drinks at Starbucks still count, yea? We'll have that dinner someday, sometime. Must coordinate our visits a little better next time!

Been awhile since I saw a movie at the cinema; the last was Geisha a couple of months back. Last night, I'd managed to catch She's the Man, a funny (although predictable) flick about a girl impersonating her twin brother for 2 weeks to get into the school soccer team. If you want a bit of light-hearted entertainment, have a go at it. Thanks for the invite and company, Seng Kor!

I've been procrastinating this month on my taxes. The deadline's 30 April, which is just 10 days away. Oh gosh... I guess I can't procrastinate any longer. Any volunteers for helping me sort this out?

Someone please take these bars of Ritter Sport away from me! I've been indulging in chocolates more these past couple of months that I've had in the last year. I could almost definitely feel the layers of fat thickening on my hips and tummy. Soon there'll be giant levers instead of love handles. I am, however, comforted by the fact that it won't give me pimples, and I'm technically eating a vegetable.

Only another 6 working days till the next public holiday. Yay!

I no longer own any property, but I don't owe the bank any money either. Housing loan, credit or otherwise. It feels bloody good to be debt free. Now I just need to keep it that way for as long as I can, probably until the next property purchase comes along. What are the chances of me winning a house and not having to buy that either?

Late nights, early mornings, lazy afternoons.
I love it when you call me Baby.

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