Friday, April 28, 2006

my friday night dates

Earlier on Friday evening, 7:00 p.m.:

Jo Mel: mei mei
Jo Mel: why are you still here?
May: hi dear
May: work! sigh
Jo Mel: shouldnt you be on your way?
May: I'm gonna be late for dinner... heheheh
Jo Mel: aiya...
Jo Mel: come quick quick
May: where are you?
Jo Mel: i am going you know
May: u coming to our dinner? YAY!!!!

* * *

Friday night. What to do, what to do?

Meet up with some bloggers for a good time, of course!

Cocka-doodle was going to be up from JB for the weekend, so King's Wife called for a dinner meet of sorts earlier in the week. The usual suspects included Lin Peh and Seng Kor, with special guest appearances by none other than our dear JoMel, and Kiki the Rambling Traveller who's back for a 2-week holiday from the UK. With efficient arrangements handled by King's Wife, the venue was to be Pizza Uno, Centrepoint at Bandar Utama.

Finally met JoMel Jie Jie tonight! And she's just as I'd imagined her to be, from what little we've corresponded through chats and blog-reading. I'm sure those who've met her would agree that she's a sweet babe for sure. I might join her this coming Tuesday night for dinner with a few other bloggers, if I could make it to KL on time. Keep your fingers crossed!

I didn't have my camera with me, as it was still in the shop for repairs. I only managed to take a couple of food shots with my Nokia 6230i phone's camera, and to my surprise it turned out pretty good after all for a mere 1.3-megapixel hybrid gadget. See that succulent lamb shank? It was absolutely mouth-watering-ly yummmmmmmy! The pasta choices were great too, thanks to Cocka-doodle who did the ordering based on his experienced taste buds with this restaurant's dishes.

The night was really warm and humid; we were gently perspiring as we ate our dinner of various pasta and lamb shank. Good food, even greater company! Lots of laughter and story-telling, especially from Lin Peh and Cocka-doodle. Even Kiki had his fair share of stories from his college days to tell. The good doctor certainly was a "bad boy" way back then... *teehee*!

We didn't stay for dessert at Pizza Uno; the heat was quite unbearable, moreover they were doing some renovations closeby and was quite noisy at times. We adjourned to Secret Recipe for drinks and more story-telling till late. Oh, what a night! Must definitely have more of these blogger meets, yes?

I've been asked what's cooking for the coming weekend. Oh dear. In actual fact, LB and I were thinking of taking a break, but now that there's some expectation of a culinary storm of sorts, we can't fail them now, can we? Looks like we'll have to cook up another storm in the next couple of days! Ha-ha! Alright dearies, we'll see what we could do for a good dish or two... *winks!*

Thanks for a wonderful Friday night date, darlings - King's Wife, JoMel, Lin Peh, Cocka-doodle, Seng Kor and Kiki! Another round soon?

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