Saturday, April 08, 2006

a game of literati

Have you ever played Yahoo's Literati before?

Back in the old Company, our team of designers, writers and programmers would each work in their own silo, hunched over their PCs, doing their own work. But wait... what's that lurking in the background on their desktop? None other than Literati! Almost every one of them are either playing against one another (usually in groups of 4), or with other Yahoo members online somewhere out there.

It's a fun game (similar to Scrabble) for Yahoo members to play online, challenging one's mind to word play. And it's not just forming the longest words with the most letters, it's tactics as well, like not opening new "opportunities" for the opponents, or tricking them into starting new word lines for you to attack. Funky, eh?

Today, for the first time in a couple of years of not playing Literati, I had the pleasure of challenging LB to a friendly match. Ohhh, and what pleasure it was, getting a bingo (i.e. using all 7 allocated letters on your plate) in the middle of the game, and having an extra 35 points added to my score! Woo-hoo! The word was "FLORISTS", by the way. See it? In the middle, top down. *Grin*!

Here's the final score:
LB: 200
May: 261

*dances the funky chicken*

(Ok, I'd better not gloat anymore, otherwise LB will merajuk big time... so the drama!!)