Wednesday, September 07, 2005

birthday boys

KC a.k.a. Dad
He turns 68 today. He’s getting on with age but no less active than he was as a schoolboy! My uncle (his brother) once called me “a vagabond, just like your father” for never being home every day until dinnertime. To this day, my dad is actively helping in organising and going for camping trips and golf tourneys for his old scout troop, the MBSOBA – or more popularly known as “the Old Boys”. I guess you could say I got his wandering and adventurous genes…

Uncle Dennis
He turns 51 on Saturday. My mum’s younger brother, he’s also the more adventurous of the siblings, one who could talk to me about rock climbing, diving and biking. And he speaks German too, after having worked in Germany for a few years some time ago running exhibitions and events.

We (the whole family) went out for a scrumptious dinner at Pantai Seafood Restaurant, Jalan Chempaka in PJ.

At first we were thinking of just taking up one of their set menus available, but the crabs looked too good to pass… and so we ordered individual dishes instead. Looks yummy, no?

Happy birthday, dearest Dad and Uncle Dennis.