Saturday, October 01, 2005

lunch @ teapot café

Teapot Café

The last time I saw my close friends from university, it was about 5 months ago when we celebrated two birthdays in May. This time, we gathered at the Teapot Café @ SS2 to catch up on what’s been happening, and of course to celebrate the birthdays of May Yee, Melinda and Prissy.

ultimate omelette & bread pudding

Teapot Café is a quaint little place which has been around for quite a number of years. It’s usually packed with patrons on Saturday, and we were quite lucky to have seats in the house for some afternoon delights. We savoured their ultimate omelette, chicken salad, chicken & mushroom pie, fish, and yummy desserts of blueberry pie, peach & almond crumble, and bread pudding with caramel sauce.

Prissy & Siang

It was nice having some company for a Saturday afternoon instead of my usual roaming around the outdoors or hanging around at home during rainy days. Despite our very busy and different schedules, we still do manage to pull a few meets every once in awhile, though it’d be nice if it were more often than once in 3-5 months.

Jeffrey, May Yee & Prissy

We caught up on the various goings-on… Our other close friend, Carrie couldn’t make it as baby Lauren had intestine flu and took her back to Ipoh for a little more TLC in quiet surroundings. Another old university friend, Eunice is getting married. Melinda booked a new home at Setia Alam – a nice corner lot for her cats to roam around (I lost count but I’m sure she has at least 20). What else? There’s a bit of talk about a little sensitive topic concerning mothers and baby-feeding which, due to the delicateness of it, I won’t repeat here. And amusingly enough, my blog became a little topic of its own…

“So what’s new with you?” they asked me.

“Errr… ups and downs, ins and outs. Quite the usual, really…” I replied.

“Hey, I read your blog, it’s quite nice!”

“Are you referring to a particular post?”

“Uhh… no, it was the very first one you had sent to us…”

“Hey, I update it quite regularly, yea! That’s so you don’t have to ask what’s going on the next few times we meet,” I laughed.

“Oh, you really do update your blog? Vigilantly every day?”

“Nah. Only when I feel like it, which is quite often for now. So read it-lah, you’ll know what’s been going on…”

(A little personal note: Don’t worry girls, I won’t hold it against you! Read it, or not, doesn’t really matter.)

Melinda & Eric

There were a few more bits and pieces of news that floated around… oh yes, and my trip to London, which ended the day with a bang as I spilled my glass of water all over my jeans, strategically over the front where it looked like I had peed in my pants.

After much talking and eating for 2 hours, the sky looked a little overcast outside and we decided to say our goodbyes. They’re already planning for the next gathering, most probably to visit Carrie and her baby in November, but by that time I’ll be freezing my arse off in the cold London weather. No worries dears, there’ll be lots of other times we’ll catch up!

Till then, there’s always my blog… wink!