Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Meme time! Velverse tagged me this time, I suppose it's payback for my tagging her previously. Not a very long one... *phew*!

What are the 5 weird little secrets about myself?

Weirdo #1:
I talk to myself. Quite often. Eeks! I even do a rolling Q&A when I'm analysing a situation, or deciding whether to buy things like:
"Do you really need this?"
"Well, it looks like a nifty gadget..."
"But it's just gonna sit there just collecting dust until you find a use for it, right?"
"Errr..." and it goes on and on and on.

Weirdo #2:
I eat durian on a plate with a spoon. I hate how the smell stays on my fingers. I pour some water into the empty durian shell, sip and gargle to get rid of the durian taste (hey, it works!). Might as well don't eat durian right? *LOL*!

Weirdo #3:
Things I must do because I'm anal-retentive about it:
  • Wash hair every day, unless I'm ill
  • Turn off the car radio and the air-conditioner when I turn off the engine. I know cars these days cut off power to the radio and air-condition unit so they don't drain the battery, but... I do it anyway.
  • Wash the dishes if there's a pile in the sink. In fact, you won't find a pile in my sink. I can't stand dirty dishes.
There's more but I think I've revealed enough...

Weirdo #4:
I can't stand the sight of roadkills, but when I'm driving past it, I just have to take a peek to see if it's really roadkill, or just some garbage on the road. And if it IS some poor animal, I'll go "eww, eww, ewwww..." (poor kitty / doggie / [insert animal name here]).

Weirdo #5:
I'm a partial control freak. My table in the office is neat, my car has as little rubbish as possible, and when I'm travelling, the places I stay at temporarily (be it a hotel room or a friend's place) will be kept really tidy. But my room... that's an organised mess. Ask me for something, however, and I'll be able to locate it for you.

* * * * *

Ok, I'll be a good girl. I won't really tag anyone, however it would be nice if my regular stalkers and anyone else who wants to do this me-me, to have a go at it. *hint hint*! I do so wanna read about your weird habits! (Oops... does that mean I've tagged the entire stalker list? Ha-ha!)