Tuesday, February 14, 2006

cupid's theme

But of course I'll post about love songs on Valentine's Day!

Despite it being one of the most overrated and overpriced days of the year, there's still a bit of novelty in it. Nevermind if the roses cost RM10 per stalk, or if dinner for two is more than what would've been enough to feed a table of 6. It's still a great excuse to show the utmost appreciation to your beloved, be it a single bud or an entire rose garden.

LB and 5xmom have both put up their lists, and some commenters have thrown in their favourites. I have my own which, depending on the kind of mood I'm in, gets me into a dreamy, romantic state of mind. Sometimes they're the upbeat, happy tunes that put that grin on my face, other times it'll have to be a slow number to get me smiling. Going through my list, I'm surprised at how many of them are from movie soundtracks. I guess, putting them in a certain situation (albeit played by fictitious characters in a fictitious story), it just made me appreciate the songs more. There are so many out there, but only a handful made it to my Top 10.

Ok, ok...

Top 20.

In no particular order for the last 15...

And now, the top 5.

#5: It Had To Be You - Frank Sinatra
Where else but in Sleepless In Seattle? That version was by Harry Connick Jr. Rod Stewart made a pretty good cover. I'm sticking with Frankie's original.

#4: Lady In Red - Chris De Burgh
Working Girl. Melanie Griffith. Harrison Ford. I don't know why I love this song. I just do. Yes, and the movie too.

#3: The Nearness Of You - Sheena Easton
I first heard this song in the movie Indecent Proposal, when Demi Moore was dining with Robert Redford. It's sung by Sheena Easton, and though I'd much prefer her version, Norah Jones seemed to be the more known artist for it.

#2: Someone Like You - Van Morrison
The song at the end of Bridget Jones's Diary. Oh, Colin Firth, my Mr. Darcy. Not all hope is lost after all.

#1: The Way You Look Tonight - Tony Bennett
The very romantic song where Rupert Everett danced with Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding. It wasn't so much of the movie, but the song itself, that's enraptured my heart. I too, hope to dance to it someday.

Happy Valentine's, love.