Friday, March 10, 2006

of drugs and defence

of Drugs...

Yesterday morning I woke up with sharp pains in my tummy every once in awhile. It was a case of indigestion, said the doctor. Strange, I don't usually get this. In fact, I don't get this at all, except maybe once in a blue moon and they're mostly easily solved with lots of water. Not in this case, I suppose.

I decided to leave work early - around 3-ish in the afternoon - and get some medication from Doc. By that time I had a bit of fever as well, and I felt cold despite it being a warm day outside and me wearing a rather thick long-sleeved top for this kind of weather. Anyway, got my Mum to accompany me for awhile to the clinic. She drove home, which was kinda scary since she hardly ever drives, and she was in her slippery Japanese thongs too. You should hear me trying to be the best backseat-driver ever, "Change gear, change gear... Watch out for that car! Ehhh... Stop, stop... Wahhh, no need to step on the gas so much..."

'Nuff said.

By the time I got home and crawled to bed, it was close to 5p.m. I logged on to see if I missed anything at work. But, being drugged and half comatose at that time, my responses to the various online messages were going at quarter speed. Halfway through my conversation with Lin Peh, I fell asleep... Sorry, Lin Peh!

The rest of the night I felt better. Despite the Doc's advice, I still ate a bit of curry chicken, and luckily didn't have any repercussions from it... *teehee*!

...and Defence

This morning I woke up feeling almost 100%. My tummy still felt kinda full and queasy. With air, no doubt. I checked back on what Lin Peh had messaged me before I fell asleep. Hmmmm, a link to another chap's blog. Apparently he had "graciously" given us a review on the Lin Dynasty which a lot of us had participated in writing.

Well now, for those who've read his "review", no doubt it wasn't given a 5-star rating. more like a minus 5. I was rather amused at how he had commented it was a grandmother's story. Oh well, maybe his grandmother wrote more interesting stories than us. Fair enough.

What troubled me a little after that was how the "si-lai" bloggers were targeted to the most offensive type of slander. Oh dear. This became a little more serious. I'm rather saddened at how the blogging world has become a place of war with rude and disrespecting comments. It does no one - neither the attacker nor defendant - any good except creating a bad atmosphere for everyone involved.


Come a little closer.

Let me tell you a secret.

Well, not so much a secret anymore, since a few friends know about it. I was a target of slander too, not very long ago. Was called a bitch, a whore, a shallow know-it-all... you catch the drift. It caught me totally off-guard. My friends whom I'd run to with a very heavy heart told me to calm down, keep cool. The attacker obviously was upset about something that I supposedly did. They knew those words were untrue. Nevertheless, it did get me very, very upset, especially since I personally knew the attacker, although denied by the other party.

And what did I do in defence?

Absolutely nothing.

I was upset enough as it was with all the commotion caused. But I knew if I had said something in retaliation, goodness knows the situation might've become worse. I didn't want to have a catfight. I didn't want to turn my blog into a fortress and fired missiles to anyone who said anything bad about me. I remember saying this in someone's comment box - "Even Jesus had enemies". It's one of my favourite lines. We can't please everyone, we sometimes can't even please ourselves.

I have to say though, special thanks to King's Wife and Zara's Mama (oh, and "Anonymous" too) for being our Damsels in Shining Dresses and Petticoats for defending the Lin Dynasty's many authors! *muah muah muah muah muah*! You babes are the best. Don't worry about the attacker and what's written. We know who you are, and you're both lovely beings and terrific writers. Oh, same goes to all the other "si-lai's" and non- alike.

So hey... the next time someone steps on your tail that way, and if it's absolutely untrue, "peduli-kanbiarkan dia" (ignorelet him / her be). You have friends who know who you really are, and who stand by you. And that's all that matters.

Peace, y'all.

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