Tuesday, October 25, 2005


No lah, not that kind of foursome! (Just in case you’re thinking differently)

Met up with a few good friends over the weekend for a makan session at Italiannies, 1 Utama. I have to apologise, there won’t be any food pictures in this post although it’s sort of food related, we were so hungry we devoured everything before I could remember to take a few shots of it.

Back to our little gathering...

It’s been ages since I last saw Jo, Jac and Murli (btw, that’s not quite his real name, heh! Long story, maybe another time). Perhaps it was mid this year I’d last caught up with them. Time really flies and it’s gone in a blink of an eye before you know it.

After lots of misses, Jac finally managed to pull off this little arrangement for a lunch date on Sunday, when she could manage a “day off” from caring for her 2-and-a-half-year-old son (who shares the same birthday as me, what an honour!). Time to relax, kick back and have a little sangria while we’re at it. The spaghetti & meatballs, fettuccine carbonara and marguerita pizza were fantastic to famished tummies. Oh, and the (ice-cream) cake to leave a sweet after-taste on the palette at the end. Had a blast catching up on lost time, old news, new news, personal traumas, difficult times, news of friends, future plans, future meets. Absolutely satisfying to one’s soul.

It seems just like yesterday – ok, can’t say really say “yesterday”, but recently – that all four of us were colleagues at a big 5 accounting firm doing IT audits and consultancy. We were all in the same little sub-department doing audits and assignments together, working under the same lady boss, sharing the same work experiences and situations. From there, personal friendship developed, and we remained close friends after we left the firm. Jac was the first to leave… then I made the jump… followed by Jo… and finally Murli just a few months back.

It’s amazing how each of us, from the same beginnings, went on to do totally different things from what we used to do. Jo now works for a multinational in compliance; Murli just started his new IT job in another big MNC; Jac is a full-time mother to her son; and me… handling projects in an interactive agency, totally unrelated to what I used to be working as!

After that gathering I am reminded again how much I miss my old friends whom I’ve not seen or heard from in a long time. Perhaps it’s also my fault for not keeping my end of the correspondence alive; for that I’m guilty as charged. Totally no excuse for me not to make the efforts to keep in touch. Hmmm… time to write a few long overdue mails. Some text messages while I’m at it too…

Despite our different personalities and ways of life, we all come together and accept these differences, become and remain good friends. They say that friends come and go throughout life, that we go through phases and there’s a natural ebb and flow to friendships. I certainly hope these will remain for as long as they can; they’re real treasures to keep.

We can’t choose our enemies.
But we can choose our friends.
And I’m honoured you chose me to be your friend.
Thank you, dears.