Friday, March 17, 2006

masquerade unmasked

6:31 p.m. and I was stuck outside my office, trying to make the U-turn at the traffic lights in heavy downpour. The lights weren't working, the drivers weren't giving way to one another. Yes, typical Malaysian kiasu-ness.

Needless to say, I was going to be late for the bloggers' meet in KL, happening in just half an hour's time. I arrived outside the building about 7:40 p.m. and received a text message from Lin Peh. "Nobody here yet! Come straight to R1." *Phew*! Everyone else must've been caught in the rain and traffic as well.

Lin Peh yamade-ing under covers

When I entered, 2 men were sitting at the table. Oh, I immediately knew who Lin Peh was from the sound of his voice! The other... hmmmm... took me awhile, but after a few rounds of guessing games, it was none other than Wingz.

GBYeow made his entrance next, with Zara's Mama, King's Wife and Seng Kor following suit. Siao Cha Bor, after doing a few wrong turns and asking for directions, joined us at the table. In strolled KL Podcast clad in his leather jacket. Two more spaces left. Who could it be?

Cock-a-doodle made it to the scene not long after that. The last to make his grand entrance was 9393 (formerly 9394), who went to the wrong building and had to walk 5 minutes to get to where we were!

delicious Siao "Har" Bor and crunchy Seng Kor

Dinner was good, the company even better! We were constantly entertained with Wingz's spontaneous humour, joined in by Cock-a-doodle and Lin Peh. GBYeow was too busy laughing and kept knocking the back of his head on the picture frame. 9393 was still trying to figure out who's who (since he came in last with 10 pairs of strange eyes staring at him).

deep-fried 9393

Siao Cha Bor was busy playing footsie with Seng Kor throughout the night, whilst King's Wife was the ever vivacious Silai of the Month, batting her permed eyelashes, and wow-ing us with her dazzling smile and bubbly personality. Zara's Mama whipped up her big-ass canggih digital SLR camera and put all of our little ones to shame. KL Podcast had our whole conversation recorded, and was badly in need of a translator for half the session spoken in Cantonese.

curry Cock-a-doodle with fanshee-Yeow and KL Bread-cast

We made a surprise call to JoMel, who was serenaded with the rooster's rendition of "You've Lost That Lovely Feeling". Ah Pek was also given a curtesy call at his home, semi-long-distance. (Pssst... it was Lin Peh's fault, he sent the invite to the wrong e-mail address!)

And me...

I was just soaking it all in. *GRIN*!

healthy eating for Ze Mama, fit for a King's Wife

So here's my take on things.

We all come from different backgrounds, from different parts of Malaysia. Some are parents, some are still single (no prizes for guessing who it is). We write different things on our blogs, talk about totally opposite topics which will never have any correlation.

duck Wingz noodle

Yet everyone at that table tonight is special in their own way. People with good humour and great hearts. Uninhibited, unpretentious. Like Randy Jackson would say, "Just keepin' it real, yo. Just keepin' it real."

Thank you all very much for an absolutely lovely evening, yummy food and the wonderful company! Special thanks to 9393 and Lin Peh for organising this roll-on-the-floor-laughing event!

*muah muah muah*!

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