Wednesday, October 26, 2005

3 no-no's

Our boss had graciously treated us to dinner last night at a Shanghainese restaurant, called “Xin Shanghai Jiu Jia” (“新上海酒家”) on Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL. The food was absolutely delicious, very unique as you don’t get it in a typical Chinese restaurant around town which serves predominantly Cantonese-style cooking.

You could guess the feeling after eating to the heart’s (and stomach’s) content – overfed, bloated, and if I were a stuffed toy I’d be bursting at my seams. Felt guilty and decided to wake up a little earlier this morning and hit the gym, since I’d already missed yesterday morning’s run.

But oh… the agony of it… I could hardly do any more than 20 minutes on the mill. Usually I’d run 2km at a pretty fast pace before I feel a slight tug to slow down, but today even reaching 1.5km was a killer. Shites. Gotta take it easy on the wine the next time.

Which comes to one of the things I’d intended to write on this post. What not to do when on holiday in the next couple of weeks? There are lots of no-no’s I can think of, but these are the (almost) ridiculous ones which I need to refrain from doing:

No-No #1: I will not go to the gym.
I know, it’s such a lame thing to do, but I usually have this urge to exercise at least once a week otherwise I’d feel like such a pig. It’s like a weekly does of adrenaline to keep the batteries charged. Makes it even more tempting to check out the gyms since I do have quite a number of days there, and it’s hard not to want to check out the local gym scene in hopes of seeing some toned, good-looking dudes (hmmm… it’ll just be my (bad) luck if they’re gay…). Ok, ok… maybe a passing visit to check out the blokes…

No-No #2: I will not watch re-runs on TV when jet-lagged at night.
It would be morning here when it’s past midnight there. I’ve been told that X-Files (ah, Mulder… long time no see) is on when most of the nation’s in a comatose state. Appealing as that might be, I will have to find other means of entertainment and not lie in bed in hopes that my eyes would close and my brain switches to hibernation mode. In fact… make that “I will not watch re-runs on TV”, period. There’s gotta be something better for me to do than to sit at home and sulk in rainy weather.

No-no #3: I will not speak with a fake accent to my Malaysian friends who are there.
Gawd, slap me if I do, pleeeeaaase!!! However, I do ask for forgiveness in advance for having to speak the English “tone” when asking for directions, ordering food, etc for fear of them not understanding what lah means. I’ll take Hobo’s advice on Travel & Health, and try not to contract the Exaggerated English Pronunciation Disorder.

To off-set the no-no list, here’s my other “will (try to) do” list:

#1: Again referring to Hobo’s guide on Travel & Romance, I’ll attempt to speak to strangers. Or rather… I’ll try not to be afraid to engage in conversation with a cute dude if he decides to strike a conversation. How else am I going to find holiday romance while travelling, right? And I promise I won’t come home speaking with a fake accent (see above no-no #3).

#2: I’ll cover all the places based on the Monopoly game board (except Jail, for obvious reasons). Shouldn’t be too hard, eh? And I’ll take photos of it as proof! If my camera’s battery doesn’t die on me first, that is… or worse, run out of memory card space.

#3: Catch Stomp at the Vaudeville Theatre while I’m there. I missed it when they were touring here a month back, and hey it’s only £10 for the cheapest ticket. And not forgetting the chance of meeting another cute dude along the way…

So… any other suggestions for “no-no’s” or “should do’s”?