Saturday, January 21, 2006

mind is willing, flesh is weak

The last weekend before Chinese New Year arrives. I need to
Clean my room.
Launder the sheets.
Change my toothbrush.
Throw out the garbage.
Sort out my finances.
Get rid of old shoes.
Pack away clothing for donation.
Wash the car.
Vacuum the carpets & upholstery inside.
Store away unused bags.
Bake the last batch of cookies.
Send out e-greetings.
Withdraw money for mum.
Sweep the floor.
Wipe down the furniture.
Put up decorations.
Dust the shelves.
Fill the cookie jars.
Wrap up projects.

And more.

I'm tired just looking at this list. So many things to do, yet... I can't seem to push myself to do any. Maybe I'll start with the toothbrush. That's easy enough.

My head feels unwell.
My body is reluctant.
I need to lie down.

Don't panic.
Pull together.
Stay sane.

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