Sunday, January 22, 2006

the lion, the house & the underwear

Today was last-minute-shopping day. Well, not really last-minute, but it was the last opportunity to go down to KLCC with my family for a little spree before the CNY weekend arrives.

We had the pleasure of witnessing a lion dance at midday at the concourse area. Every floor was packed with spectators, all eyes eagerly peering down at the lowest level. There wasn't a spot at the railing left, and since I'd arrived late, I had "second row" seating. However, because I was on the first floor (i.e. 2 floors up from concourse), second-row seating was no good at all! Can't see a thing. But wait... A-ha! I'd brought my camera along to take pictures of the wooden house.

I did my arm-length-picture-taking stunt - made sure I had the strap around my wrist, I stuck out my hand, holding the camera as far as I could without knocking onto the kids' heads in front of me. I had a pretty decent view on my LCD screen, which made up for lack of a panoramic outlook. Even managed to take a 82-sec footage of their stunt-jumping on those high poles. Woo-hoo! I love my Nikon 5200. *grins*

Having read Boo's post on Chinese New Year @ KLCC, I just had to check out the wooden house on the concourse level. There was the old-style bed with the mosquito net hanging from above; the little potty for little wee-ing; tea set on the wooden table with mandarin oranges in a basket; retro-looking cushion covered seats on old-style sofa sets; round marble table with wooden stools, chopsticks, bowls and flask; chickens in a coop for fresh eggs in the morning; a cute, orange scooter out front... very nostalgic indeed!

We took a break and at the new Little Penang restaurant up on the highest level. The food is as good as the Mid-Valley Mega Mall branch; I feasted on their good ol' char kway teow (minus the cockles which I'm not a fan of).

Now... I didn't mean this to be part of my post, but I just had to say something about it. You know how girls these days wear really low-rider jeans, but with granny-style panties? And when they sit or bend down, their panties are "unsightfully" exposed? I'm always very conscious about this and make sure it never happens to me, I find it quite appalling, really. There's a reason whey they're called "underwear" and not "peekaboowear". Anyway... it's bad enough to see it on girls. But guys?... Come on! Pull it up, will ya? Especially if you're not wearing designer underwear... *lol*!

"Oh, brother..."

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