Sunday, February 19, 2006

unanswered questions part IV

Here's the fourth and final set of answers to...

...questions from Jane Sunshine:

1. What is your one biggest indulgence and why?
I have quite few moderate indulgences, not quite one that's absolutely the biggest. I'll name 5:
- Coffee (I absolutely love the bittersweet taste, with sugar & milk of course.)
- Shoes (I can always wear them even if I've put on weight, unlike clothes! I just bought a pair of Nine West boots today... *teehee*!)
- Music (I have many, many CDs burned with my mp3 files.)
- Photography (I take pictures of everything that piques my interest with my handy Nikon 5200.)
- Internet (Of all things! Shocking, but true. I can't help being wired, it somehow makes me feel closer to the world where everything's just a few clicks away.)

2. If you won a million dollars, what would you do with the money and why?
Give 100k (or more, if that's not enough) to my mum to spend on anything she wants. She had sacrificed so much for me, and though I know money is never enough a payment, at least she could freely indulge in things she never could before. Oh yes... my brothers and dad gets some, too!

Donate to animal welfare and NPOs like WWF, orphanages and old folks' homes.

Buy nice a cosy little home, lovely gifts for friends, a cute zippy car like the Mini Cooper (although it's really too overpriced here), travel more.

Invest the rest of it for a rainy day while letting it earn high interest for me, so I won't ever have to slave away at a job for a high salary to fund for my expensive hobbies. I'd still have a job, of course, but something that'll give me more time to myself.

3. Would you choose a guy for money or looks? If so, why?
If I were bold enough, I'd say money, because then he would be able to spend it on plastic surgery and beauty products to make himself look good! Ha-ha! Oh, that was so superficial and naughty of me.

Ok ok, on a more serious note... Now, which is the lesser of two evils? Let's see... I'd say it doesn't matter as long as we love each other. We can always earn more money if we need it, and it's the inner-beauty that I value more than a beautiful facade.

4. You meet the perfect guy. He is funny, kind and loves you from the bottom of his heart. The problem is that he wants you to move with him to Botswana. Would you?
I'd say, "When are we moving, honey?" I think I should be able to make a few sacrifices. I've never been to Botswana, so I can't pass judgement of it until I've lived there for awhile. As long as there's Internet connection! And if I find I don't like it there, I should be able to convince him to move back to KL or a place of my choice. He is, after all, the perfect guy... so he should be willing to do anything for me! *cheeky grin*

5. You meet the perfect guy (again!). He turns out to be your boyfriend's best friend. What would do?
This is a hard one. I can only give a hypothetical answer, since I've not been caught in this sort of situation before. Ahem...

Out of respect, I'd try to work things out with Mr Boyfriend, and not pursue Mr Best Friend. I'm sure I would've had my reasons for being with Mr Boyfriend in the first place. I'd hate to be caught between two good friends, and put a friendship at stake.

BUT! If the feeling's mutual and Mr Best Friend fairly contests for my affections with Mr Boyfriend, then may the best man win. Of course, since Mr Best Friend is the perfect guy, guess who's going to be the triumphant winner? I know inevitably that someone's going to get hurt, and though I wouldn't that to happen, it can't be helped. Sigh!

Hmmmm... does that make me sound selfish? Oh dear. I hope I'll never be caught in this sort of dilemma!

* * *

And that concludes our Q&A session. Thank you for participating, see you soon!